My name is Robin Kahn.  I am a speech-language pathologist with ecletic experience in work across a variety of settings and across the lifespan.  With an interest in helping children and adults learn how to incorporate strategies to enhance cognitive, feeding, language and literacy skills; I welcome the opportunity of working with different family members, those significant to those with whom I work as well as educational or medical members of their care

Specialty Skills:

SPEAK OUT! therapy to assist those with Parkinson’s Disease and related disorders to facilitate the development of a life with intent (awareness and mindfulness) as well as both improve, maintain the strength of muscles used for speech and swallowing.

*Based on the work of Daniel Boone https://youtu.be/tRFIAP1qZuM    you can read more about this remarkable approach at https://www.parkinsonvoiceproject.org 

NYS Department of Health Approved Evaluator and Ongoing Speech-Language and Feeding Therapy: 

    • For those families interested in having their child evaluated to determine program eligibility (based on state standards)
    • Ongoing therapy provision through the state funded program
  • **has your child already qualified and receiving services but you want to supplement them?  Has your child not qualified for therapy-but in need of help? Is your child aging out and waiting for services to start or in need of therapy; but not qualified for speech-language or feeding services in the schools?  Please reach out
  • Autism and Related Sensory Differences/Challenges:

 I offer assistance to children who demonstrate communication, cognitive, learning and feeding challenges as a result of these deficits

In addition, I offer provision of services to enhance and maintain skills being learned at school teaching building blocks for success or fill in the developmental gaps that may be affecting academic functioning, based on consultation with educational personnel with those of all ages.

With an understanding that travel to an office may not be practical for some who seek my help, I offer the opportunity for home visits and flexible hours within Manhattan, New York.  Frequently I am asked  “what can I do at home?  I am here to help you figure out that answers through the provision of initial evaluations, ongoing therapy and training.

Feel free to reach out and contact me, if i can be of help.

Robin Sue Kahn, MS, CCC/SLP

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